Searching for answers…

Would I have ever guessed I would be on my journey to convert to another religion? Was I ever strong in my Christian faith? No and no but that is because the majority of society, at least when I was growing up, in America is surrounded by Christian thinking and holidays. Our school and work schedules all revolve around Christian belief. To find the answers that I was looking for I had think for myself and not just be okay with the ” norm.”

As a child I went to church on and off..not a religious home. As a young adult I would go to church to try to feel close to G-d, however, there was a disconnect. I found a lot of questions that were only answered by someone saying, ” You just have to have faith.” or ” You just have to believe.” At one point I wrote off going to any kind of church just because it did not fill that void. I had to look for what I knew was right.

Some questions I had..

1.Why are there so many types of Christians? Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, etc. They all believe in J.C. but they do not agree on many life do’s and don’ts… especially the Catholic church or Mormons.

2. Why do you need to pray to J.C. to get to G-d?

3. Why do Catholic’s pray to saint–which are human beings?

(#2 & #3 violate the commandments to not pray to idols and not to pray to any other g-d besides G-d himself. )

This is a violation of the G-d that Christians pray to…so why do they say “Praise, jesus” or “Thank you L-rd jesus” This is giving correct to someone other than G-d himself. Why is his name the one you praise?

Isiah 45:18 — “I am the Lord and there is no other.”

4. In the Catholic faith — a human being is able to forgive your sins? HOW? This is a HUMAN BEING…he can not forgive your sins. He is taking the place of the L-rd.

5. Why are there errors in their New Testament? One book with quote J.C. statements saying one thing and another book will say that he believed the opposite. How can this be?

Anyhow…. the list could go on, but my point is that I was not satisfied with this religion. I felt like there is more to life then believing in other human being promises. AND there is…


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